California Educators for Medical Freedom is a non-partisan grassroots coalition of  California education employees.   We came together in January of 2020  after our employer informed us of their intent to make the Emergency Use Authorized COVID-19 vaccine a condition of employment and our unions supported  this immoral mandate.  On August 13, LAUSD did actually mandate the vaccine in violation of the Nuremberg code which says no one can be forced to take a medical intervention, no one anywhere on earth.  It’s that simple. 

We are ready to provide top notch in person services and instruction with reasonable safety measures in place like medical screening, temperature checks, hand washing stations,  ventilation,  and physical distancing.  We are willing to submit to the  routine covid tests which are out under emergency use authorization. But we draw the line at being forced to take an experimental vaccine that has already injured hundreds of thousands of healthy people.  We firmly stand against vaccine mandates for any school employee in California and the United States.  

No healthy individual should die or be injured from a vaccine.  The fact that the Vaccine Adverse Reaction System reports close to 600,000 adverse events from COVID vaccines, including 13,000  deaths between Dec. 14, 2020 and Aug. 13, 2021, makes any mandate unreasonable.  
Booster shots will follow for employees to remain fully vaccinated as it becomes apparent that the vaccine wears off after 6 months.  Every shot you risk your well being and your life.  

No one has the right to decide for you.  

The recent FDA approval was granted to the Pfizer vaccine even though clinical trials will not be complete for two more years.   We are watching the clinical trials on our family members and friends.  
The COVID vaccine does not prevent transmission.  Blaming the unvaccinated for new COVID cases is baseless and dangerously divisive.  

These vaccines have been declared safe and effective yet in contradiction, the manufacturers enjoy complete immunity from lawsuits under the PREP Act.

Natural immunity is not being recognized by our school districts even though it is demonstrated to be far superior to the artificial immunity induced by the corporate covid vaccines.  

We believe in the freedom of the individual  to choose what medical treatment is best for them as  established by the Patient Bill of Rights.  You have the right to  know your treatment options and take part in decisions about your care.