UTLA Rank & File Motion 

UTLA Rank & File Motion In Support of Medical Freedom

The Following motion was written by this collective and passed at a Harbor Area UTLA meeting on February 17th. Per union policy motions at area meetings are referred to the citywide House of Representatives for further discussion and a vote. This particular motion was not allowed to be discussed at the House of Reps. Instead it was referred to the negotiations team. Apparently our elected leaders do not feel teachers should have the agency to discuss what is injected into our bodies. Their message is; lineup and take it like a slave, and don’t ask questions. 

UTLA believes that LAUSD should make the COVID-19 vaccine available to all

employees on a voluntary basis as part of a safe return plan. However, due to the fact that the vaccines are authorized for emergency use only and the manufacturers and LAUSD are not assuming liability for any adverse events caused by administration of the vaccines, at this time UTLA will support its members right to medical freedom and informed consent by opposing LAUSD’s intent to make the vaccine a condition of employment and respect individual UTLA member choice in regards to receiving anyCOVID-19 vaccine.


Federal and international law prohibits the mandating of EUA vaccines. No one

can be forced to submit to vaccination. Individuals must be informed of the

ingredients, possible risks, complications and side effects and additional advisory

materials that health authorities such as the CDC or FDA have made public regarding emergency use authorization vaccines. This information must be made available to the individual before a vaccine is administered. Per the CDC, 99% of those who contractCOVID-19, who do not have high-risk factors, recover with mild symptoms. Even front-line medical professionals have the right to choose at this time.

There are risks associated with the vaccine. It has not been approved by the FDA.There are currently two dozen vaccines in use in the United States. Another 66, fully licensed vaccines, have been withdrawn primarily for safety issues. CDC VAERS reports over 1,000 deaths and 11,000 injuries, including blood disorders within the first 2months of this program. This is already 5x the number of reported deaths of all vaccine related deaths in 2007, the highest year on record. A Harvard study demonstrates only 1% of adverse reactions are reported by doctors.

Long term effects of these new vaccines are unknown. Clinical trials will not be over until Oct. 27, 2022 for Moderna, and January 31, 2023 for Pfizer. Members should beable to weigh both the short-term and long-term risks of the vaccine against the high probability that most individuals will experience only mild symptoms if infected byCOVID-19.

In order to make a medical procedure a condition of employment, an employer

must show that it is necessary to stop a direct threat to the health or safety of

individuals in the workplace. Dr. Fauci has stated the goal of COVID-19 vaccines is to provide personal protection only, not to prevent death, or person to person transmission. Un-vaccinated teachers are no more a direct threat to people in the workplace than vaccinated teachers.