FREEDOM & COMEDY NIGHT (Sat., Feb. 3) At Pineapple Hill Grill: Report

Thank you patriots for attending and supporting this important event! The venue was filled to capacity at around 100 attendees, and we celebrated the lifting of LAUSD’s “vaccine mandate” with comedian Scott McAfee. We also got out the vote as guests listened to various candidates running for office who stand for freedom and liberty. About $1,960 was raised towards the Health Freedom Defense Fund – CA Educators for Medical Freedom lawsuit vs. LAUSD in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, to hold our school district accountable. When due process was filed in Nov. of 2021, we needed $200,000 in donations. As of today, we only have about $3,500 more to go. For those who couldn’t attend, a small contribution will make a difference.

L.A. County District Attorney candidate speech: Judge David Milton

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